Providing Hope

We support and assist patients and their families in Central Virginia who are in need of healthcare, medical supplies, treatment services, and other healthcare resources.

How We Help


The total cost of medications is not always covered by insurance. Good Doctors Foundation can assist with payments for insurance premiums, co-pays, or direct cost of medications.


Housing is always an issue for patients who do not live near the medical center and the cost of travel can be enough to prohibit medical services at all. 

Other Resources

Managing chronic illnesses can be challenging for patients and families alike. Good Doctors Foundation can assist with providing support for expenses such as rent, mortgage, and utility bills, which can allow patients the ability to apply necessary funds to their medical treatment.

Support Us

Second Annual Reception & Dinner

May 1, 2024

“I hope this letter will adequately express our gratitude and the blessing the apartment meant to my family and me during a very trying time in our lives. Having a safe, clean place within moments of the hospital and a place to rest our body and mind at night was a gift beyond comparison.”
Mother of a Kidney Recipient