About Us

“One day at a time” is the lifestyle of many who deal with chronic illness.

There are many reasons to HOPE in this new age of treatments for chronic illnesses. However, the medical journey often requires financial resources that can exhaust an individual’s means. We find we truly are “our brother’s keeper” and need to take care of each other, as we are all one family of humanity.

Our mission is to support and assist patients and their families served in the central Virginia community through their medical journeys and across various disease continuums who are in need of healthcare, supplies, services, and resources.

The Good Doctors Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity organized to help.

Our Board

Martin Starkman, MD

Teresa Carrel

Roy Ward
Vice President

Cely Coleman

Directors/Members/Committee Members

Helen G. Spicer, RN
Grant Committee Chair

William Brand, Jr., MD

Mary Ann Chapman

Susan Guckenberg

Beverly Shepherd